Training, consulting and implementation of marketing and branding research

Institute services:

Our services include consulting, training and implementation in marketing research, branding, survey plans and measuring the satisfaction of customers The institute’s services are provided below.

1-marketing research  

In general, market research covers wide areas, which can be mentioned below

1-1-market situation research

Market share, knowledge of competitors and…

Grouping and division of customers

Determining the position of the company/product in the market from the point of view of consumers

Satisfaction measurement and examination of consumers’ needs, desires and preferences

Investigating the cause and motivation of consumers to buy and effective habits in consuming goods

Marketing analysis in the digital marketing space

2-1- Sales analysis

Sales analysis includes checking the amount of sales by time, regions, customer type, customer order, etc

3-1- Product research

Product research includes marketing research on product factors including packaging, size, weight, etc

4-1-Research on advertising and measuring the effectiveness of advertising

the effectiveness of advertising, including research for effective media, message content, etc

5-1- Research on product distribution

Research in distribution includes checking how to access the product, agency system, sales of the company, etc

6-1- Product price research

Price research includes pricing, discounts, wholesale and consumer prices, etc

2-Branding research

Research in the field of branding includes research in brand awareness (brand depth and breadth), research in brand perception, brand image, brand differentiation, brand position, brand emotions, brand satisfaction, brand loyalty, brand recommendation, brand equity In general, the dimensions of the brand are in 7 levels, which are different levels of the brand tree.

3-Consulting and implementation in the implementation of the market research unit for companies

Companies that need extensive research should create a market research unit in their company. For this purpose, this institution can help companies in implementing this unit.

4-Implementation of 360-degree survey and satisfaction measurement projects at the country level

This institution can also be the executive arm of companies for the implementation of all survey projects at the country level, so that it can simultaneously carry out its research in all provinces.

4- Training and consulting in the  implementation of marketing and branding

jpr group cooperates with companies that need capacity building in terms of marketing, branding, surveys, research methods and statistical studies in the form of consulting and executive training.

The associate of the institute in marketing education is the bazaar teacher: