market research

تحقیقات بازار

The most important services of the institute include the implementation of marketing research in all related fields 
JPR Institute uses the methods that cause the least errors in the research to carry out the research according to all the existing conditions. Market research has different methods that are generally based on two principles Research based on research objectives and research based on data collection methods

1-       Researches based on purposes include the following items:

·  – Researches about Market Situation

·  – Pulse of the Market, Exploring competitors and …… …

·  – Categorizing and Sorting Clients and Customers

·  – Introducing Role of Company / Products in the market and from Clients and Customers view

·  Evaluating Satisfaction and study on needs, demands and preferences of consumers

·  – Checking motivations and aims of Consumers purchase and the effective behaviors in using the Products

·  – Analyzing and Anticipating the sale

·  – Analyzing and Anticipating the sale

·  – Researches about promoting sale amount (Advertising,   Sampling and Promotion……..)

·  – Researches on Products Distribution

·  – Researches on Products Prices

·  Researches on Branding (Certain Value of the Brand, Imagery of the Brand and Identity of the Brand and …..  )

·  – Researches on Advertisement Programs (effectiveness of Advertisements,   Media, Advertisement contents, and Advertisement Campaigns )

·  – Researches on the Electronic Marketing(Strategies  and
·   Electronic Marketing Programs)

·  – Researches on Customer Relationship and loyalty

2-    Researches based on Data Collection Methods

·         Exploratory Research (Finding out the Problems-  Detecting Indexes and Factors)

·                 Descriptive Researches (Measuring the Factors)

·                 Experimental Researches (experimenting effects of independent factors on dependent ones)

3- Methods and instruments of    Data Collection

·         Concentrated Group  (focus group) –

·         Profound and semi-profoundinterviews  (voice recording and so on ,….)

·                 Library studies (study subject records, analyzing deeds and documents related to study subject …)

·                 Secondary data studies

desctop research         Direct interviews  through questionnaires with close/open (close and open)  

desktop research         Through phone calls( Computer Assisted Telephone interviewing  – TI Telephone interviewing)

·                  Electronically (Email, and ….)

·                 By use of Electronic devices (mobiles, tablets, and …..) and related soft wares

·                 by viewing and note taking

———-         Social networks  (linkedin –twiter -facebook –whatsapp Telegram and …..)

·                 Researches through evaluation tests- for questionnaires in large numbers (soft wares with scanned copy of questionnaires)

·         ,….

Marketing Research actually means performing scientific principles of research in marketing field aimed at getting data based on problems and difficulties that company managements are facing to. Such problems are not necessarily negative. The companies are often in good situations but they need research and detecting the pulls of the market Therefore the research is either for tackling existing problems or for developing and promotion of the company

from management problems to practical suggestions

برای اجرای تحقیقات بازاریابی نیاز است که بر اساس مشکلات و مسائل مدیریتی مساله تحقیقی بیان شود و برای مساله تحقیق اهداف تحقیق و برای اهداف تحقیق سوالات تحقیق و برای سوالات تحقیق، نیازهای اطلاعاتی مرتبط تعیین می گردد . برای نیازهای اطلاعاتی ، متغیرها و جامعه آماری مشخص می شود و برای جامعه آماری با توجه به نوع متغیرها ابزار سنجش طراحی می شود که در نهایت And again according to sort of variables, the evaluation instruments as well are designed for statistical societies. Then by performing a good sampling the needed data and information are obtained and then analyzed by statistical methods At the end all questioned are answered, the goal is achieved, and the main problem is solved and finally the solution is known. In other word research help us not go directly from Problem to Solution which is the greatest mankind mistake

This way caused numerous tries and errors which increases risks in investment and results in collapse of the whole system in any business .Thus, according to what mentioned above, explaining and recommending Research Methods as a service of company are almost the same Search Instruments which are not fully correct. The reason is that the Client’s goal is achieving Reality not the Instruments for achieving it. a Right thing about marketing and branding  

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