market research for exports and imports

تحقیقات بازاریابی بین المللی در صادرات و واردات

International market research (exports and imports)

Every businessman needs to know the market in other countries to be successful in foreign markets. In this regard, the important questions of merchants include the following

1- Determining the right product

The first question of every businessman who has not yet entered the field of foreign trade is what product he should choose

2- Determining the target market

The second question is which country or countries are suitable for exporting the selected product

3-Strategy and method of entering the target market

The third question is what strategy should be adopted to enter the target market and what tactics should be used to enter the target market

Using international information sources, JPR research group can collect and analyze the market information needed by companies and merchants to obtain international market information.

Due to the high cost of research, international marketing research for Iranian businessmen is carried out through desktop research, i.e. library research on the Internet, and to increase more information with higher accuracy, field research can also be carried out according to the needs of the employer. The dollar rate involves a heavy cost compared to internal research. There are important sources of information in this regard, including Trade Map, McMap, Harvard, etc., each of which includes specific information about global markets for import and export.

Export market information resource sites

There are various sites in foreign trade that are presented below important ITC sites for market research that can be useful for traders. ​ Trade statistics for international business development Improving transparency in international trade and market access SPOT EXPORT OPPORTUNITIES FOR TRADE DEVELOPMENT

Import market information resource sites

Customs website – statistics section – annual statistics such as :

Ministry of Industry and Mines – Department of Statistics and Information

Chamber of Commerce – Department of Import and Export Statistics. such as